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Graphic Medicine Novels: My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

Graphic Medicine Novels: My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness


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Kabi Nagata’s My Lesbian knowledge about Loneliness follows the painfully bashful, socially anxious narrator, Kabi, through her very first intimate encounter, by which she employs a lady intercourse worker to generally meet her in a love hotel that is japanese. Out of this encounter that is awkward our narrator then goes backward over time to inform us just exactly exactly how she reached this time inside her life. At its core, My Lesbian knowledge about Loneliness can be a therapy that is extended or help team meeting that Kabi has converted into example and term. Kabi narrates while’s she never been actually diagnosed with anything, she struggles with cutting disorders, severe depression and binge eating for us that. We get glimpses of her battle with one of these problems as she additionally attempts to navigate her brand brand new, budding sex.

So that you can completely understand My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, you additionally have to just simply take one step far from Western society. In Japan, psychological infection remains seen with a serious stigma, and a lot of those that have problems usually do not look for therapy out of concern with being shunned by family and friends. Historically, individuals who had despair had been just viewed as sluggish, and Japan remains notorious with this mind-set today that is surviving. Many individuals use the mindset which you simply have to try harder, and that mind over matter can win when dealing with these kinds of psychological health problems.

Additionally, in Japan, looking for the approval of one’s moms and dads both in your expert and private everyday lives is just a giant element of one’s identification. In the event that you aren’t doing one thing on your own, you’re carrying it out when you look at the hopes to be recognized. Into the manga, Kabi expresses frequently exactly how there are two main variations of by herself: one that lives to please her family members while the the one that longs to please by herself. This exacerbates her psychological disease, because well, whenever in Japanese work tradition, the idea of making a salary is certainly one step closer to being a grown-up. Kabi is just a “failure” in this division, as she departs with this tradition of finding stable work and, alternatively, tells her mom that she’d like to draw manga expertly.


Kabi’s writing and drawing are way less like what you will get in traditional manga that is japanese a lot a lot more like the Western internet comics of Hyperbole and Half and Sarah’s Scribbles. Kabi’s art is extremely fluid and powerful and more exaggerated than typical manga art styles. In the place of depending on the standard phrase tropes of Japan, Kabi exaggerates poses and facial features in funny and charming means, making the figures look because awkward as she seems. She additionally utilizes the blend of red aided by the black colored and ink that is white that will be strangely charismatic and works perfectly with all the movement of her tale.

Mental Disease Narrative

Kabi extremely accurately shows the outward symptoms of these struggling with serious despair. It’s illustrated in the manner that she actually is entirely lax inside her individual hygiene and resting habits whenever in throes of the episode that is depressive. Kabi additionally illustrates her issues with meals as an easy way to discipline herself for perhaps perhaps perhaps not attempting difficult enough whenever her despair receives the higher of her or even for whenever she seems she fails in being a “productive adult”. This drive for penance causes her to produce an eating disorder, and after that starvation results in her binging. It escalates to the stage that Kabi also steals meals from her part-time work at a supermarket and can also get as far as to consume dry ramen packets simply because she will need one thing inside her stomach. This period of self-punishment may also be present in the way in which she cuts by by herself as atonement for perhaps not residing as much as society’s expectations, though the guide just touches on that section of her psychological disease.

Humanistic Revelations

Within the prelude part of the tale, Kabi finds by herself in the collection after climbing away from another cycle that is depressive. Away from interest, she reaches for a written guide about psychological infection in young ones and it is surprised upon finding a section that hits near to home. It really is a guide that illustrates her desperation in order to connect along with her mother, also it makes her be prepared for her sex when it comes to very first time. Even though japan still appear to mix sex with psychological disease (which is often annoying from a Western viewpoint), it’s the undeniable fact that she’s to achieve this in key, that there’s no location on her to show for information about psychological state save combing through old books at the regional collection this is certainly extremely unfortunate. It shows, complete end, how long Japan needs to go in supplying solutions to people who have psychological infection.

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